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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Trauma Informed Respect Based Approach

Right Direction Crisis Intervention understands the difficult situation people are placed in when they are in need of help for their loved ones. This is likely the most traumatic experience someone will ever encounter, but it may also be a life-changing experience. This is what we strive for, the chance to effect a positive change of direction in the lives of those we serve.

Right Direction sees not only the challenges of crisis intervention, but the opportunities as well. We are an employee-owned, trauma informed, respect-driven crisis intervention company. We strive to take a potentially tense and volatile encounter with an individual and turn it into a platform where we hope to build channels of open, honest communication. Our belief in educating our employees in a trauma informed respect-based crisis intervention process creates an environment which will better allow us to help people take a very difficult step on their way to enjoying a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Our Approach

We are Respectful, Honest and Patient.

Right Direction adheres to non-violent de-escalation principles, and all Right Direction transition team members are continually being trained with non-violent crisis intervention techniques. We always approach each intervention with the belief that a physical encounter will be avoided.

However, if an adolescent attempts to create a physical encounter, we NEVER take an offensive position with individuals with whom we work. It is important that the individuals we interact with maintain their dignity and are treated with respect. We clearly explain our rules and boundaries in order to ensure a safe environment for all involved. We also explain desire and expectations for a positive, trauma informed respectful transport.

Right Direction sets high standards for our Interventionists to be role models and stress positive praise for healthy life choices and openly discuss consequences for unhealthy life choices.