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Right Direction is an independent company that has worked with over one hundred different organizations providing intervention services. Working with at-risk adolescents is more than a job for us at Right Direction, it is an investment in our future. We have constructed this website in the hope that we may provide you with the critical information and tools you will need to make a sound choice for your child during a very difficult time. Please research our company and employees. Hopefully you will come to know that we believe in our mission statement, to make every effort to provide compassionate and professional help to families in need of crisis intervention.

Unlike contract labor-based transport companies, all of our transition team members are employee-based and therefore are subject to our professional liability policy specifically written for the intervention and transport of at-risk adolescents.

We do not have any affiliation to adolescent programs and do not take or give kickbacks or referral fees for any adolescent intervention transport, nor are we under any contractual agreement with any organization or program.

Benefits Of Right Direction Crisis Intervention

• Experience working with Severe Trauma, Addiction, ODD, ASD, Parent Alienation, Anxiety Disorders, Transgender Clients and Personality Disorders.

Strive for Handsfree Intervention

Trauma Informed Training for ASD Clients

FBI Background Checked Staff

Professional Liability Insurance

No Handcuffs or Mechanical Restraints

W-2 Based Employees

Employee Apprenticeship Training Program

Insurance Support

Excellent Case Communication and Coordination

Thorough Risk Mitigation Assessment

Flexible Intervention Methods

Nationwide and International Service

Founding Member of: Association of Mediation and Adolescent Transport Services

AMATS was founded to effect:

Best Practices for Intervention Transport

Constructive Regulation and Oversight

Continuing Education


Ethical Service



Right Direction believes in AMATS mission to raise the standard of care in metal and behavioral health transport. The future of ethical transport is AMATS.