Services Offered Nationwide

Our mission is to be a catalyst for positive change in the lives of those we serve.

Right Direction Crisis Intervention is an independent company dedicated to providing the highest quality crisis intervention and adolescent transport services to families in need, specializing in youth interventions and adolescent transports.

Our Philosophy

Trauma Informed Respect Based Approach

Right Direction Crisis Intervention understands the difficult situation people are placed in when they are in need of help for their loved ones. This is likely the most traumatic experience someone will ever encounter, but it may also be a life changing experience.

Our Services

Every personal situation is different and presents unique challenges that will need specific solutions.

Developed for adolescents that have demonstrated low-risk factors and have moderate to high communication history.

Designed for adolescents with moderate to high-risk factors

Developed for both adolescents and adults who need a trusted companion to help ensure safe travel.